The behavioral and health care provider that cares

Who We Are

Amazing Grace Healthcare, LLC is a behavioral and home healthcare provider serving the cities of Washington, DC. We are passionate about providing help and therapies to people dealing with problems with their mental health and well-being.

Our qualified nurses have open minds and sympathetic ears, enabling them to take care of our clients to the best of their capabilities. We strive to improve each day by assisting our clients with respect, kindness, and gentleness.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower and help people care better for their mental and overall health. We strive to make each day better for those seeking our help.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the country’s leading behavioral and home health care provider and expand our services to help more people. We empower ourselves to deliver the most outstanding services to make a difference in people’s lives.

We Will Listen

Reach out to Amazing Grace Healthcare, LLC, and our specialists will immediately come to your aid. Contact us today, and let us hear you.